Dear Colleagues

It is my great pleasure to welcome you again to the ACP (American College of Physicians) Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2017, which will be held on June 10th and 11th, 2017. Beginning this year, Kyoto University International Innovation Center will be added to the venue of the Meeting as well as Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall to accommodate more attractive sessions and lectures.

The theme of the Meeting this year is “GIM practice in Japan: Growing roles of general specialists”. In Japan, most internists were trained as subspecialists rather than general internists. On the other hand, in this rapid growing aging society, the majority of the (elderly) patients are multi-morbid, so the importance of “GIM” is increasing. Of course, GIM of course can go along with sub-specialty, and the fact that the majority of internists are subspecialists in Japan makes it more important for subspecialists to have the mindset of “generalist” and to cooperate with general internists in taking care of the elderly patients with multi-morbidity. In this meeting, we will address this very important issue in the plenary session with ex-subspecialists who now have the role of generalist as panelists, discussion how we can raise the quality of GIM in Japan.
In addition, we will offer sessions like Dr’s Dilemma (an inter-institutional Quiz tournament by teams of residents), the poster-discussion session, as well as the special talk by the immediate past president of ACP, Dr. Nitine Damle. As with previous meetings, you can also enjoy many informative lectures and luncheon seminars.

Our meeting is made by volunteers from ACP Japan Chapters and does not seek support from industries, so it is the meeting of the clinicians, by the clinicians, and for the clinicians. We are confident that you will get more than a return on your participation investment for this meeting with high satisfaction and benefit.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you in Kyoto in its best season.

Yugo Shibagaki, MD, FACP
Chair, ACP Japan Chapter Annual Meeting 2017

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the Annual Meeting of the American College of Physicians Japan Chapter 2017, the most exciting clinical event in Internal Medicine of the year. Soon after the meeting of the last year was closed, the Scientific Program Committee chaired by Dr. Shibagaki initiated to plan this year’s meeting thoughtfully, and we are delighted to offer extraordinary attractive sessions to motivated physicians, trainees and students all over Japan. The faculty as usual consists of renowned clinician-educators. The objective of the meeting is to offer the global standard of updated knowledge and clinical expertise in internal medicine, and I am certain that this meeting will be a great learning opportunity for all attendees, regardless of age, experience, specialty, position, or type of practice, as far as you act in the best interests of your patients.

Membership of ACP Japan Chapter has been steadily increasing lately. We hope this meeting will further attract non-member attendees to ACP. In addition to regular membership, we offer physician affiliate membership, associate membership and student membership. Members of all categories can enjoy the benefit of educational resources of ACP. We look forward to seeing you in Kyoto, among the best places to visit in Japan. Join ACP today for your future!

In closing, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to serve as the Governor for the Chapter. Your support to make the Chapter more successful than ever will be always appreciated.

Fumiaki Ueno, MD, MACP, MACG, AGAF
Governor for ACP Japan Chapter